Welcome aboard

Hi there and a big welcome!

How ever you’ve managed to find us, I hope you find your time here worthwhile, informative, reassuring and, most importantly, I hope you can have a bit of a laugh.

If you’re related to a person or looking after someone with autism, then I hope you get some support from reading our stories – I have always found that I am most comforted about our life when I realise that we aren’t the only ones living like this – that we aren’t alone on this planet.  It can be a lonely existence of doctors, therapists, reports, assessments, beating up local authorities for being complete and utter bureaucratic pains in the arse (that’ll probably be covered in a few posts somewhere down the line…) and simply surviving each and every day with a person who relies so completely on you to make their world ok.  It’s good when we can share and relate to each other’s woes and giggles – well, it has always been good for me anyways.

So.  Let me introduce you to my family…

PECS family

Mr MonzThe Man – ‘Head’ of the family (he hem!), chief Lego builder and play person, hides chocolate in high-up cupboards (I’m very short), pretty mellow most of the time apart from when he gets hungry…then, he can be a bit of an arse.

Wee ManWee Man – First born, nicknamed Wee Man at birth but quickly became affectionately known as ‘the Hurricane’ (you’ll find out why soon enough), has the energy of a million Duracell bunnies but eats very little, incredible sense of humour, has the ability to make a room full of people smile (or cry) just by entering.

ButtonButton – Second born, curly haired little (well, not so little) angel, the Wee Man’s biggest fan, he actually IS Spiderman in his spare time, loves carrots and chocolate rice cakes.

Little PinkLittle Pink – Third born, appears to be on the fast track, loves to boogie and bottie shuffle, won’t be long before she’s bossing everyone around and giving the Wee Man a run for his money!

Monz MumMum – that’s me!  Super-human hearing, no sense of smell (which is a good thing), career girl recently turned full time Mum, the determination and drive of an dung beetle (have you seen the size of the crap they push backwards and UP HILL?), first time blogger (scary!).

And that’s us – we’re very happy to meet you!




4 Responses to Welcome aboard

  1. Freda Worsey says:

    So well written; you take us gently into your world where you have to cope all the time every day with the difficulties of the Wee Man when we know that just ‘ordinary’ parenting is bloody hard work! Wishing you well with your amazing blog and amazing family Mrs Monz.

    • lifeonmonz says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment Freda – and thank you for your kind words. Please share with anyone you think it might help or support – that’s my aim. x

  2. Shalini says:


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